Rogue Trader

Race for the Pearl

Lure of the Expanse Part 2

With knowledge of the location of the Pearl, the Explorers must now be the first to arrive to lay claim over the planet. With no time to spare, they race for their ship only to be fired on as they attempt to leave port by the defense turrets because of the bribe they refused to pay in the previous session.
Before the players can reach the warp jump point, they consult with their Navigator to uncover the location imprinted upon their minds. After several hours, their Navigator is able to pull enough information to find the location on her warp charts.
Just before the Explorers can make the jump to warp, they detect another of their rivals under fire by a ship their augurs are unable to locate. The Captain? Rogue Trader Abel Gerrit of the Maxim. After fending off the ship, later identified by Gerrit as an Eldar pirate ship, a deal is struck between the two ships to split the profit gained from the Pearl.
Several weeks into their journey, the ship detects a small Mechanicus probe launched millenia ago. After several hours of chasing, it is brought aboard to be revealed as a proscribed relic by the Mechanicum. Titus is torn by his loyalty between his brotherhood and his current ship, but Marcella still orders the probe to remain on board and put under guard until it can be sold after they finish with the Pearl.



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