Rogue Trader

Fight at the Eldar Temple

Lure of the Expanse Part 4

Emerging into the temple clearing the group meet up with Charlabelle and strike a deal for another split in the profit, just before Lord Bastille and two other gentlemen with large attack groups behind them. While the newcomers bicker amongst themselves, a psychic shockwave nearly knocks the Explorers out and reveals another clue to the puzzle, the Temple before them is the map to the Pearl.
The shockwave however, marked the arrival of a large group of Eldar Seers, who were attempting to shunt the temple partially into the warp and keep the Explorers from finding their prize. After a hard fought battle, in which Lucius the ship master gunner nearly lost his life, the Explorers were able to claim the map for themselves and with the timely arrive of Abel Gerrit, force the other Rogue Traders away from the temple.
But all was not as it seemed. Orsion demanded another job from Marcella on threat that he would give the map to every other Rogue Trader if she didn’t. Marcella refused, and Orsion was forced to reveal himself as an Inquisitor and order Marcella to accept the job. Upon agreeing, Orsion destroyed the temple with well placed plasma bombs.



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