Rogue Trader

Adventures of Quppa-Psi-12

Lure of the Expanse Part 3

With the probe safely stored on the ship, the rest of the journey is uneventful. Upon entering the system however, the Explorers immediately recognize that the system is nothing like the vision given to them.
Moments later, they detected the appearance of the Eldar ship they had fought previously and another unidentified race of xenos traders. Able to glean some information about the system, they are politely pushed off the xenos ship and head for the planet Quppa-Psi-12, the only planet in the system.
After a safe landing some distance from a large temple, the ship is attacked by a large insect nearly the same size as their shuttle and disables the same. It is several days of traveling through the jungles of the planet and being attacked by several more large insects before they managed to cut their way to the temple, losing the few days head start they had gained on the competition.



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