Rogue Trader

Battle of Stern Hope
Inquisitor Tasks Part 3

With morning absolution halted by an unprovoked attack by a local warlord, the explorers are forced to defend themselves and town. After a pitched battle, massively outnumbered, the explorers prevail. Although Lucius is again critically wounded.

Stern Hope
Inquisitor Tasks Part 2

After another day of travel, the group makes it to Stern Hope and are filled in on the specifics of the situation by Abbot Skae. After learning of strange lights in the hills around the small settlement, the explorers decide to investigate and are attacked by some local fauna. However, upon closer inspection, the beast has several life-threatening wounds not inflicted by the party. Due to the amount of decay on the wounds.

Despite the explorer’s claim that there is something much deeper to this, the Abbot declares that he will continue with the ceremony to sanctify the new site. As morning prayer begins the next day however, Stern Hope is attacked.

Inquisitor Tasks Part 1

The explorers return to the Calixis Sector and are informed of the situation currently affecting Iocanthos. A new temple to the Emperor is being built at Stern Hope and the local Abbot is requesting assistance due to strange happenings. After an uneventful voyage on a transport heading to the planet, the group makes planetfall at Port Suffering where they meet their contact: Aristarchus.

After ensuring they are properly equipped, the group acquires a lorry and makes their way across the barrens to the temple site. This travel is not without incident, as during one night, the group encounters a shadowy figure approach their camp at night and drop to the ground. Stranger still, when the group investigates the next morning, all they find is a desiccated corpse.

Fight at the Eldar Temple
Lure of the Expanse Part 4

Emerging into the temple clearing the group meet up with Charlabelle and strike a deal for another split in the profit, just before Lord Bastille and two other gentlemen with large attack groups behind them. While the newcomers bicker amongst themselves, a psychic shockwave nearly knocks the Explorers out and reveals another clue to the puzzle, the Temple before them is the map to the Pearl.
The shockwave however, marked the arrival of a large group of Eldar Seers, who were attempting to shunt the temple partially into the warp and keep the Explorers from finding their prize. After a hard fought battle, in which Lucius the ship master gunner nearly lost his life, the Explorers were able to claim the map for themselves and with the timely arrive of Abel Gerrit, force the other Rogue Traders away from the temple.
But all was not as it seemed. Orsion demanded another job from Marcella on threat that he would give the map to every other Rogue Trader if she didn’t. Marcella refused, and Orsion was forced to reveal himself as an Inquisitor and order Marcella to accept the job. Upon agreeing, Orsion destroyed the temple with well placed plasma bombs.

Adventures of Quppa-Psi-12
Lure of the Expanse Part 3

With the probe safely stored on the ship, the rest of the journey is uneventful. Upon entering the system however, the Explorers immediately recognize that the system is nothing like the vision given to them.
Moments later, they detected the appearance of the Eldar ship they had fought previously and another unidentified race of xenos traders. Able to glean some information about the system, they are politely pushed off the xenos ship and head for the planet Quppa-Psi-12, the only planet in the system.
After a safe landing some distance from a large temple, the ship is attacked by a large insect nearly the same size as their shuttle and disables the same. It is several days of traveling through the jungles of the planet and being attacked by several more large insects before they managed to cut their way to the temple, losing the few days head start they had gained on the competition.

Race for the Pearl
Lure of the Expanse Part 2

With knowledge of the location of the Pearl, the Explorers must now be the first to arrive to lay claim over the planet. With no time to spare, they race for their ship only to be fired on as they attempt to leave port by the defense turrets because of the bribe they refused to pay in the previous session.
Before the players can reach the warp jump point, they consult with their Navigator to uncover the location imprinted upon their minds. After several hours, their Navigator is able to pull enough information to find the location on her warp charts.
Just before the Explorers can make the jump to warp, they detect another of their rivals under fire by a ship their augurs are unable to locate. The Captain? Rogue Trader Abel Gerrit of the Maxim. After fending off the ship, later identified by Gerrit as an Eldar pirate ship, a deal is struck between the two ships to split the profit gained from the Pearl.
Several weeks into their journey, the ship detects a small Mechanicus probe launched millenia ago. After several hours of chasing, it is brought aboard to be revealed as a proscribed relic by the Mechanicum. Titus is torn by his loyalty between his brotherhood and his current ship, but Marcella still orders the probe to remain on board and put under guard until it can be sold after they finish with the Pearl.

Dinners and Stuffed Shirts
Lure of the Expanse Part 1

After being brought up to speed on who the “Seven” are, the Explorers return to Footfall to uncover the location of the telling and are immediately accosted by thugs pretending to be Imperial officials. Their trouble doesn’t end there however, as after they refuse to pay to the con men, they spot a hooded figure in the crowd, but it disappears before anyone can investigate.
Shortly after, they are greeted by a servo-skull with an invitation to dinner at the Liege of Footfall estate. After agreeing this would be a better place to get shot at than the previous time they were here, they gladly accept.
At the party, the Explorers find two new Rogue Traders: Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh and Madam Charlabelle Armellan. Along with an old enemy, Hadrak Fel. There was also a fourth, but Ventis was unfamiliar with the many Rogue Traders operating within the Expanse to tell who he was.
After dinner, and the regret of eating it, the Explorers were able to overhear that the location of the Foretelling would be sold at auction to only the ten best bids.
Armed with this information, the group traveled the next day to the Obsidian Emporial, where thanks to Titus were able to barter a position by selling the location of the Star Mirror.
The following night, the group arrives at the secret location of the foretelling along with the other nine groups that won their bid positions. Everyone, except for Ventis, succumbed to the psychic projection into their minds that implanted the location of a planet referred to as: The Dread Pearl!

Battle for the Righteous Path
The Righteous Path Part 4

The explorers part ways with Lady Ashe, Marcella giving advice that she abandon Hadrak Fel before she dies fighting the Explorers which Ashe roundly ignores.
With the location of the Path now know, the Explorers return to their ship and head into the Asteroid field surrounding the system called the Halo Shard. On the orders of Orsion, only the players make a landing on the asteroid holding the Path. Gaining access through a large rent in the side of the ship, the Explorers head for the bridge to disable the shielding keeping them out of the treasure vault of the ship. Only to have Ashe appear seconds behind them with two combat servitors. With excellent accuracy, both servitors are disabled and Lady Ashe forced to retreat.
Before the explorers are able to gain access into the treasure vault, Fel attacks their ship trying to force them away. The maneuverability of the Crimen Levitas however, allows them to avoid the majority of the armaments of the enemy ship, and with the Fel Hand’s thrusters destroyed, Fel is forced to retreat.
As the players celebrate their hard fought victory, Orsion reveals that he has a new endeavour for the explorers. “The Seven carry news.”

Fight at the Star Mirror
The Righteous Path Part 3

After spending a day to upgrade their armaments, the Explorers make for the Magoros system of the Egarian Dominion. A section of space once ruled over by a now extinct xenos species.
After searching the outlying planet, they discover a vast energy matrix broadcasting power to the second planet in the system to a massive structure visible from orbit, which Titus recalls as the Star Mirror from an old Mechanicus report.
After making landfall several kilometers away, due to electromagnetic interference from the massive structure, the Explorers arrive in time to attack a small mob of feral Orks attacking the last of Lady Ashe’s landing party. The group was faced with two options: sneak into the Star Mirror or save Lady Ashe.
Choosing to fight the Orks, the party manages to save only Lady Ashe, her two bodyguards having spent their lives to protect her. Ashe, in exchange for letting her live and go, explains how the Star Mirror works. The two groups enter the Star Mirror, the only device capable of telling them where the Righteous Path crash landed in the system. Ventis is able to uncover the location of the Righteous Path and avoid the alien device fracturing his mind in the process.

The Righteous Path Part 2

It’s an old fashioned bar fight with automatic and explosive weaponry! Although the explorers have to let Lady Ashe escape, they manage to decimate their attackers with only a few scratches between them.


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