Rogue Trader

The Rigtheous Path
Part 1

With the disappointing news that the ship is being forced to return to Port, morale of the Crimen Levitas’s captain is low. Within moments of returning to port, the Explorers enter a contract with some Kroot warriors to act as guides and bodyguards while they look for their contact in Port Wander…and within moments are forced to enter a pier scuffle with some longshoremen, which they easily dispatch.
Afterwards, the Kroot take the Explorers to a small bar some distance from their ship where they meet up with their contact Orsion, with the only known coordinates of a treasure laden ship that vanished several millenia ago. After unlocking the gene-lock, a Psy-Raven attempts to steal the psychic stone that holds the imprint of the Righteous Path’s resting place and the party confronts Lady Ashe, the second of another Rogue Trader known as Hadrak Fel, an old rival of Lady-Captain Marcella. Before the party has a chance to confront her, several armed thugs break into the bar.

Orks off da Port Bow!

The Explorers continue their search of The Savant. After a short conference with Enginseer Titus, they head for the ship bunker. There they uncover signs of heavy combat with flame weapons, but no bodies from either side. Once inside the bunker, they find nothing else save for the Astropath Ventis, who thanks to his special sight, sees the dark gloom of mass death hanging heavily in the air. With a great distressful feeling, the Explorers retreat back to the familiarity of their own ship.
After returning, they are attacked by the Dread Ork Kaptain Warmonga of Da Stupid Grot. After several hours of fighting in the center of the asteroid, the Explorers force the Orks to retreat successfully taking no damage in the entire exchange.
With that, the explorers are able to finish their contract. But as the explorers toast to their first success, they receive a most troubling Astropathic message.

The First Job

After arriving in the Koronus Expanse, the party takes on the task of delivering mining materials to an outlying processing planet within the system. Several days into their journey, they come across the missing ship The Savant adrift within a massive asteroid field. Boarding the ship, the explorers find nothing on the ship. No bodies. No materials.
Making their way to the bridge of the ship they uncover a damaged ship log, the crewman full of panic as they make their final stand.

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