Rogue Trader

Fight at the Star Mirror

The Righteous Path Part 3

After spending a day to upgrade their armaments, the Explorers make for the Magoros system of the Egarian Dominion. A section of space once ruled over by a now extinct xenos species.
After searching the outlying planet, they discover a vast energy matrix broadcasting power to the second planet in the system to a massive structure visible from orbit, which Titus recalls as the Star Mirror from an old Mechanicus report.
After making landfall several kilometers away, due to electromagnetic interference from the massive structure, the Explorers arrive in time to attack a small mob of feral Orks attacking the last of Lady Ashe’s landing party. The group was faced with two options: sneak into the Star Mirror or save Lady Ashe.
Choosing to fight the Orks, the party manages to save only Lady Ashe, her two bodyguards having spent their lives to protect her. Ashe, in exchange for letting her live and go, explains how the Star Mirror works. The two groups enter the Star Mirror, the only device capable of telling them where the Righteous Path crash landed in the system. Ventis is able to uncover the location of the Righteous Path and avoid the alien device fracturing his mind in the process.



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