Rogue Trader

Dinners and Stuffed Shirts

Lure of the Expanse Part 1

After being brought up to speed on who the “Seven” are, the Explorers return to Footfall to uncover the location of the telling and are immediately accosted by thugs pretending to be Imperial officials. Their trouble doesn’t end there however, as after they refuse to pay to the con men, they spot a hooded figure in the crowd, but it disappears before anyone can investigate.
Shortly after, they are greeted by a servo-skull with an invitation to dinner at the Liege of Footfall estate. After agreeing this would be a better place to get shot at than the previous time they were here, they gladly accept.
At the party, the Explorers find two new Rogue Traders: Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh and Madam Charlabelle Armellan. Along with an old enemy, Hadrak Fel. There was also a fourth, but Ventis was unfamiliar with the many Rogue Traders operating within the Expanse to tell who he was.
After dinner, and the regret of eating it, the Explorers were able to overhear that the location of the Foretelling would be sold at auction to only the ten best bids.
Armed with this information, the group traveled the next day to the Obsidian Emporial, where thanks to Titus were able to barter a position by selling the location of the Star Mirror.
The following night, the group arrives at the secret location of the foretelling along with the other nine groups that won their bid positions. Everyone, except for Ventis, succumbed to the psychic projection into their minds that implanted the location of a planet referred to as: The Dread Pearl!



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