Rogue Trader

Battle for the Righteous Path

The Righteous Path Part 4

The explorers part ways with Lady Ashe, Marcella giving advice that she abandon Hadrak Fel before she dies fighting the Explorers which Ashe roundly ignores.
With the location of the Path now know, the Explorers return to their ship and head into the Asteroid field surrounding the system called the Halo Shard. On the orders of Orsion, only the players make a landing on the asteroid holding the Path. Gaining access through a large rent in the side of the ship, the Explorers head for the bridge to disable the shielding keeping them out of the treasure vault of the ship. Only to have Ashe appear seconds behind them with two combat servitors. With excellent accuracy, both servitors are disabled and Lady Ashe forced to retreat.
Before the explorers are able to gain access into the treasure vault, Fel attacks their ship trying to force them away. The maneuverability of the Crimen Levitas however, allows them to avoid the majority of the armaments of the enemy ship, and with the Fel Hand’s thrusters destroyed, Fel is forced to retreat.
As the players celebrate their hard fought victory, Orsion reveals that he has a new endeavour for the explorers. “The Seven carry news.”



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